IncreMental Golf

Live Online Lessons, Schools, Clinics, and Seminars with Chad Habluetzel

IncreMental Golf® Lessons

IncreMental Golf® Lessons focus on basic aggregate scoring theory and application. Primary objectives include green reading and the mental approach to putting.

Understand how to PLAY the game with Chad!


IncreMental Golf® Schools

IncreMental Golf® Schools focus on basic course management. Primary objectives include chipping, pitching, and greenside bunker shot selection and execution.

Understand how to PLAY the game with Chad!


IncreMental Golf® Clinics

IncreMental Golf® Clinics focus on advanced course management. Primary objectives include ball flight spin, trajectory, and curvature control.

Understand how to PLAY the game with Chad!


IncreMental Golf® Seminars

IncreMental Golf® Seminars focus on competitive play. Primary objectives include situational mental discipline and individualized tournament mindset.

Understand how to PLAY the game with Chad!



Chad Habluetzel, the creator of IncreMental Golf and your PLAY instructor, is an expert at the application of various motor learning approaches to the instruction of golf. Maximize your development while minimizing your learning curve. Have a definite plan and an experienced coach to guide you.

As a former touring professional, a college golf coach, the author of three books on motor learning and golf instruction, and the co-founder of a leading university-level golf biomechanics lab, Chad uses a unique drill-based mixture of instructional techniques customized precisely to your game.

As the former head coach of Top 10 ranked men’s and women’s teams as well as the Director of Golf for the Tom Watson Golf Academy, Chad has coached and consulted players who have gone on to achieve All-American, All-Conference, and Championship recognition at the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA levels.


Jenny E., Utah, USA

"Chad helped me go from the number six player on my high school team to an NCAA Division I player in less than two years!"

Taylor L., Missouri, USA

"We added 30 yards to my driver and 20 yards to my irons in 3 months. Every par 4 is 50 yards shorter. Now, I can score."

Murphy S., California, USA

"I played for Coach in college. He will work you hard, but it's worth it. I became an All-American."